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    Switchyards and Substations

    Timelproekt’s main activity, that makes the company widely recognizable for the market, is the design of switchyards and substations for the electric power industry, the industry, civil construction and transport and communication.

    Timelproekt is actively involved in all phases of the design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of the electrical power facilities. The provision of diverse design services to investors and contractors during the preparation phase, as well as during the construction, reconstruction and operation phases of the facility, includes:

    ? Preparation of studies
    ? Preparation of elaborates (Fire protection and Occupational safety)
    ? Conceptual solutions
    ? Conceptual/Preliminary projects
    ? Basic projects
    ? Main projects
    ? Revision of all types of projects
    ? Technical specifications and tender documentation
    ? As-build projects
    ? Quality assurance plans and programs
    ? Projects for use and maintenance of electrical power facilities
    ? Supervision of electrical power facilities construction
    ? Management of electrical power facilities construction

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