TimelProekt implements a Pilot Project to support Energy Management Systems (EMS) installation and usage

In December 2019, the USAID Development of Regional Energy Markets (D-REM) project, implemented by the US company Tetra Tech, begin the implementation of the Pilot Project to support Energy Management Systems (EMS) installation and usage. TimelProekt, as a company with proved expertise in consulting, design, engineering and construction services in the energy industry, has been engaged by Tetra Tech to implement the pilot project.

The 12-months pilot project is being implemented in five countries in the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, N. Macedonia and Serbia) and has the objective to promote energy sector investment through developing and piloting efficient technologies and business models in industrial and commercial sector.

Managing energy and electricity use can help public, private or commercial building owners and industries interested in improving their energy management practices, specifically through the adoption of an EMS to reduce costs, and help businesses be more competitive.

The project will select 10-12 partner companies (2-3 companies from each country where the project is being implemented) that will have access to the latest U.S. energy management technology and will receive funding support from USAID to partially cover the costs of design, installation, and commissioning of a new EMS provided by a leading U.S. manufacturer. The partner companies will have the opportunity for after-sales support by including a maintenance contract covering spare parts and labor to keep the EMS in optimal condition.

The pilot project will also provide training for the partner companies on the operation and use of their EMS to better understand, monitor, and optimize energy consumption for efficiency and cost savings.

Over time, an EMS can also help consumers develop energy efficiency upgrade projects that can be financed by local banks.

For more information please contact Mr. Dragan Blazev at dblazev@timel.com.mk.